At the Footsteps of Artemisia

The next show at Cultural Centre Stoa from 12.02.2019!

The inspiration of the exhibit is Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi’s (1593–1653) life, letters and work. The exhibition is collaboration with Tea Pelkonen, who has for the first time translated letters of Artemisia in Finnish. They open the thoughts and the life of the artist in fascinating ways.

The photographs in the exhibit are mostly silver gelatin prints from the surroundings and areas where Gentileschi lived and traveled. I’ve tried to capture places which have stayed more or less intact from her times until the recent days. Through those landscapes and places I’m hoping to achieve a material connection with the artist and her world.

There are also some pigment ink print in the exhibit. Those are collages and interpretations of Gentileschi’s extraordinary paintings.

The City of Helsinki has supported the project Artemisia’s Courage of which this exhibition belongs to.