Naturaleza y Silencio – Nature and Silence
6.11. – 4.12. 2018

Centro Cultural de Inca Garcilaso, Lima, Peru

“Inari Krohn’s and Katri Lassila’s exhibit Nature and Silence concentrates on both artists’ intimate relationship with nature and their personal experience of the landscape. In the hectic ambience of the modern world, possibilities to enjoy the peace of nature are limited. In Finnish mindscape, where wilderness and distant desolate forests equate peace and tranquility, the value of personal relationship with nature is still well preserved. Despite the urbanization and fast economical growth, many Finns still have summer cottages by the lakes, far from cities and paved roads and often without electricity and modern day comforts and necessities. For both artists, experiencing the nature is the strongest singular form of inspiration and runs as one clearly visible strand through their careers. Katri Lassila’s silver gelatin photographs in the exhibit are taken mostly from the Northern Finland, Lemmenjoki (Leammijohka) national park.”