All the photographs presented on the page are original, handmade silver gelatin prints which are printed from film negative. They are printed on baryte based archival paper and toned with a selenium toner to ensure the maximum stability. Silver gelatin photograph when stored or displayed correctly has been proved to reach the age of several hundreds of years. The photographs are not numbered in series as each one of them is a made by hand separately. Thus there might appear in the prints small differences in tones compared to the scanned images on the page. The photographs are available in any size according to customer’s needs in between a pproximately a postcard and A3 standard paper size. The proze of the photograph is based on its size (100 – 320€).

The best way to display a silver gelatin photograph is to frame in its passepartout. The photograph must be attached to its passepartout base with archival quality photocorners or acid free tape. Glass and frame keeps the picture safe from dust. The photograph must be placed on a wall where it is not in the direct sunlight in any time of the day.