The Nix is a 20 minute long digital essay short film from 2012. As the starting point of the film was a graphic by Inari Krohn, which was made as an illustration for the book Troll – Tales of the water level (1979) by Leena Krohn. In the film a young couple, Eve and Paavo, leave to an isolated island for summer. However the island and its surroundings is the Nix’s (a sea troll) territory. Through a dream a magical relationship evolves between the Nix and Eve, who feels unexplained fascination towards him. When Paavo finds the Nix from the water’s edge, he doesn’t understand anything to be wrong and brings the troll at home.

During the night the Nix enters Eve’s and Paavo’s bedroom while the couple is making love and seems to affect to Paavo somehow. Eve understands that she has to sacrifice herself to save Paavo. The film ends in black and white underwater still photographs, which depict the Nix’s underwater kingdom.