Poetic 14-minute landscape film tells a story about dystopic future when shallow atoll islands of French Polynesia have submerged because of the climate change. On the Northern hemisphere the Gulf Stream has ceased and caused to Scandinavia a neverending winter. As a loose subtext for the film is French Chris Marker’s classic La Jetée (1962).

The film was shot in the French Polynesia on the Tuamotu atolls and the islands of Moorea and Bora Bora in spring 2011. The material is documentary and no special effects are used. As the reader in the film is acclaimed Finnish actress Heidi Krohn. The music is composed by sound designer Viljami Lahtonen.

Chalk Circles premiered in Helsinki in 2015 and has been screened since then in the film festivals in Prague, Czech Republic and in Riga World Film Festival, Latvia.

Link to the small version of the film in Vimeo. The blu-ray version of the film can be ordered from the artist.